Fox Squad

A friendly European Tactical Section for Post Scriptum

You don't have to join our section to play with us, *shock* anyone can play with us, pop on our discord and join one of our voice channels and come play with us, if you like us, feel free to join! Why can't all clans be this simple??

Who are we anyway?

Fox squad at its heart is more of a casual unit than other hardcore units in Post Scriptum. We want to have fun more than we want to win super competitive matches, but that doesn't mean we won't put up a good fight. We still focus on tactics and to win, but we tend to opt out of bigger events and clan matches. At the heart, we wanted to be a unit where you can make new great friends and pop on and play together with a group of amazing people than dredge through the pain of having to play with randoms every day.

Joining us is simple, head over to our Discord and just message one of our operations team!